What is Bank Nifty Future Trading Tips?

Bank Nifty is the bank index traded in the F&O segment of NSE. Bank Nifty represents the 12 most liquid and large capitalized banking stocks which are trade in NSE.

Bank Nifty Provides investors, traders and also intermediaries in market a benchmark index that shows the performance of Banking Sector as a whole in Nse Stock Market.

BBank Nifty Future Trading Tips is one of our Premium Product and Part of our Package. Our Share tips package includes all our calls in the equity segment, f&o segment, etc. Bank Nifty Future Trading Tips specially designed keeping in view the traders who trade only in the Nifty index and Bank Nifty Index. We also provide Free Nifty Levels, Nifty Calls along with Bank Nifty Tips. We provide two targets with stop loss and always send a call to buy at CMP (Current Market Price) in our Bank Nifty Future Trading Tips in share market.

Since Bank Nifty is traded in F&o Segment, you have to trade it as a Lot. The Lot Size of Bank Nifty is 25 Shares. So if you want to buy or short sell One lot you will have to buy 25 Shares.

Short Selling in Bearish Market

Different types of day trading strategies work in different market conditions. A Short selling is a very good strategy to earn in NSE market. In a bearish market, when the stock prices are decreasing, one can still make profits. Short selling is the term given to such trading technique. Short selling refers to selling of those stocks which are predicted to fall in near future it may be also in next 5-10 minutes or an hour. In short, selling, the trader borrows some stock from the broker / stock exchange and sells it. When the price of the stock falls further, he buys it at a lower price, making a profit. The shares are then returned to the broker / stock exchange.

What is SGX Nifty and how it impacts Nifty in NSE ?

SGX NIFTY stands for Singapore Exchange Nifty traded in Stock Exchanges in Singapore. SGX NIFTY is a derivative of the NIFTY index traded officially in Singapore stock exchange. Nifty futures on the SGX is traded for 16 hours, while the Nifty now trades for six-and-half hours in NSE in Indian Stock Market in India. Foreign Investors who are unable to directly trade in nifty in nse can trade in SGX Nifty.

The SGX Nifty in Singapore Stock Exchange opens at 8:00 am all working days and gives the initial direction of the Indian share market i.e Nifty. If it is trading up, Nifty is likely to open up and in Bullish Trend. If SGX nifty is in a downtrend, Nifty will also open in Down Trend and in Bearish Trend.

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