If liquidity can come in at such a rapid pace, it can also go out very rapidly: Quantum Advisors

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The challenge with the smaller-sized companies is not to do with the valuations, it is essentially the stress, says IV

Post lifting of the lockdown, we have exceeded our own expectations: Page Industries

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While the innerwear and the knitwear market is estimated to grow at about 10% CAGR, the premium market is growing

If we get funding at lower cost, it will be passed on to customers: George Alexander Muthoot

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Going forward in next few quarters, expect much more growth in gold loans, says MD, Muthoot Finance. Muthoot Finance has

Falling collection of health premium during Covid crisis a big surprise: Bajaj Allianz

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I have told my team to start talking to customers about the importance of Covid cover, says Tapan Singhel, CMD.

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