buy POLYCAB tgt 900-920-940 SL 790

img buy POLYCAB tgt 900-920-940 SL 790 FEDERALBANK it is trading just nearest its support 50 Also taking support of 100DMA you may enter in this stock CMP Hold for tgt 56 58 60 place SL 47 COROMANDEL trading just above 100SMA you may enter CMP for tgt 770-790-810 place SL 695 Buy and hold tight CEATLTD trading above its 100SMA and  showing good support 840 levels if you get near this price then just buy and hold for the target 940-950-960 SL 810 TELEGRAM GROUP paid tips call 09979965611 07096510606 09033034939 09724034979 09998847458 WWW.KRIVASTOCK.COM